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Shuttles for companies

Shuttles for companies


The use of the company shuttle for employees to commute is certainly a fundamental aspect not only for the convenience of employees, but also in terms of Green economy and environmental sustainability. There are many companies that, in recent years, have decided to take advantage of our service.


What are the tangible benefits of using the company shuttle?


  • Strengthening of the corporate image
  • Respect for the environment
  • Less stressed and more focused employees
  • Fewer delays
  • Lower costs for parking spaces
  • Reduction of pollution and improvement of health conditions
  • Better accessibility of the company
  • Enhancement of the territory through healthier workplaces and more liveable cities

Furthermore, to provide a complete service to your company, we also take care of:


  • Transport to and from trade fairs, conferences.
  • Shuttle transfer to airports, ports, railway stations.
  • Travel and stay planning thanks to our travel agency.
  • Shuttles or NCC for dinners and corporate events

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