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The offer/quotation  is not an option, nor obligation for both parties.
Reservations must be received in writing, by fax or by e-mail.
Reservations must indicate the date of the offer, chosen vehicle (nr. of seats), data of the invoice holder, time and place of departure. 
The reservation is accepted and guaranteed only after the client receives a written confirmation by Castano Turismo and upon receipt of the deposit from the client.

You will be required to pay the service as follows:
- deposit of 30% of the amount upon confirmation
- the balance of the trip 20 days before departure.
Any other terms of payment can be agreed at the time of acceptance of the service by Castano Turismo  S.r.l.

-No penalty and deposit refund for cancellations up to 10 days before departure;
-30% of the trip amount for cancellations from 9 to 5 days before departure;
-60% of the trip amount for cancellations from 4 to 1 days before departure;
-90% of the trip amount for cancellations less than 24 hours of departure.

The route is established, unless otherwise specified by the customer, depending on the choice that the company considers most economically advantageous for both parties.
Any information about the chosen route can be obtained in advance from the office.
The company may request the customer’s authorization for any possible changes of the route or kind of vehicle.
Possible extensions of the service time and/or changes in the route must necessarily be agreed in advance and authorized by Castano Turismo, 
The driver, after receiving the agreement by the company, will record the change that occurred on his/her journey form and will ask the costumer to sign it for acceptance.
The supplement for eventual extra hours is € 40,00 + VAT per hour.
In the event of any delay or interruption of the trip, for reasons of force majeure, NO refund is due from Castano Turismo.

All of the coaches are insured against the risks arising from third party Liability with Allianz Insurance, with a ceiling of Euro 50.000.000,00 single case.

Unless otherwise stated in the offer, the following expenses are charged to the customer: VAT in Italy at the current rate (at the moment 10%), parking, motorway tolls, access pass to cities, ferries, tunnels, foreign customs fees, food and accommodation of the driver (or drivers).
Travel must be made in accordance with the EU Regulation 561/2006, governing the working time of the drivers:
-in one day a driver is not permitted to drive for more than 9 hours within 14 hours of total commitment;
-in one day a driver must have 11 consecutive hours of night rest between the end of the service and the restarting on the next day.
The above mentioned Regulations provide co-liability for both the client and the coach company in case of non-compliance to the regulations.
The company declines all responsibility if the travel schedule is discordant from the one that has been quoted and agreed.

Coaches are hired for the available seats only. Passengers are not allowed to get on the coach in a number exceeding the number of seats registered on the circulation card of the vehicle. Luggage is accepted until the full capacity of the baggage compartment. Any other stowage is excluded.
The company is not responsible for the luggage and any items left on board the coach.
If the Client lefts his baggage on the coach it is under his responsibility.
If found, the items can be collected within 30 days during the office opening times.

It is forbidden for the passenger to smoke, disturb, obstruct the passage zone and the ascent/descent areas, soil, ruin and tamper with the vehicle equipment, get on board while intoxicated, drunk or under the effects of drugs. 
The passenger must comply with the instructions, invitations and provisions of the company staff issued for reasons of safety and regularity of the service.
Passengers must remain seated for the duration of the trip and with safety belts fastened. The company does not accept responsibility for any damage occurred if the safety rules above outlined are not respected.
It is required that the behavior of passengers is such as to ensure driving safety, the integrity and functionality of the vehicle.
Passengers will be charged for damages or begrime of the coach.

The transport of pets is not allowed.
The company can make exceptions only for small animals to which a device must be applied in order to make them harmless (cage, muzzle, leash, etc.).
It is the tour leader or the owner’s responsibility  to avoid the animal getting onto the seats, to soil or deteriorate the vehicle, to damage or disturb other passengers.
In case of non-compliance to the above regulation, the tour leader or owner of the animal  will be charged for the resulting damages 

The company reserves the right to subcontract the service by relying on pre-selected qualified and reliable suppliers.

Specific and particular conditions will be defined directly with the customer at the time of the order.

Any dispute will be settled by the Court of Varese. 
These terms and conditions and any non-contractual obligations arising out of them shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Italy (Codice Civile) regarding transport and shipping.

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